Vegas Valley Angels Angel Investor Network

Angel investing has long been an important source of financial support and mentoring for new and growing businesses bridging the gap between individual (friends and family) and institutional venture capital rounds of financing. Over the past several years, Vegas Valley Angels and this sector of the private capital market has been formalizing in response to both growing demands and complexity.

Vegas Valley Angels - The Vegas Valley Angels are a very important angel investment group for Southern Nevada. Our members are independent business owners and senior corporate executives experienced in financing and developing emerging enterprises. We provide seed-stage investments in promising local technology ventures and support the entrepreneurs we fund with mentoring and connections. Membership in the Vegas Valley Angels is by invitation and is limited to active accredited investors. We expect our members to contribute to the sourcing and analysis of investment opportunities and to assist entrepreneurs with business strategy and implementation, team building, and fund raising.
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NV Angel Networks are as unique as the private investors that make them up. Vegas Valley Angels is a group of accredited investors (sophisticated investors) who get together to review companies for potential investment. The investments can be made by accredited individuals belonging to the NV network or by the network itself as a limited partnership. Some angel networks charge a fee to the entrepreneur for the business plan to be reviewed, or for an in-person presentation to be made to the "angels" group and other angel networks don't. Learn about as many angel networks / groups in your area as possible.

Like Vegas Valley Angels, the number of organized angel groups / networks has grown in response to several factors:
- A widening “capital gap” between individual and institutional venture capital investors that has created a need and an opportunity for pooled investments
- Social camaraderie among investors.

As a result, angel investment screening by Vegas Valley Angels, is consistent when compared to other angel investment groups. Specific organizational and legal structures, however, remain varied. Most groups, including Vegas Valley Angels (Las Vegas NV) develop their own organizational structures and processes independently. For entrepreneurs and other NV angel investors, the net results of this change are mostly positive. Although the models of business angel groups continue to evolve, these groups are generally better financed than ad hoc groups of individual / private investors in Las Vegas NV. Vegas Valley Angels (Angel Investment Network) provides an extended network that benefits both funded companies and private co-investors / other angels by providing greater due diligence, operational support and domain expertise. Business angel groups, such as Vegas Valley Angels and other groups (NV) can also provide a key source of qualified deal flow for venture firms - NV - as well as provide intermediate capital for companies with financing requirement levels between individual / private investors and institutional venture capital.